During your stay at our agritourism farm in Tuscany, you may enjoy a truly rich and varied calendar of events and activities.
Both in the summer period and in the winter, little markets, festivals, concerts and exhibitions are planned that will make your vacation truly unforgettable.

Sansepolcro Arezzo Montevarchi Bibbiena Castiglion Fiorentino - the Mercatale

The Mercatale is a monthly occasion on which the producers of the Valtiberina Tuscany bring to the plaza of the city their seasonal products such as: mushrooms, cheese, fresh and cured meat, chestnuts, truffles, fruit and vegetables, legumes, flour, oil, wine, jams, honey, plants, and flowers, in addition to other typical items of local crafts.
Linked to this event, the producers perform an exposition of excellence of our culinary tradition, offering to the visitors guided tastings, presentations of productions, exhibitions on the local culture, and entertainment for children.

Sansepolcro - Palio della Balestra

Every year, on the second Sunday of September, the jousters of Sansepolcro renew their challenge to their rivals of Gubbio in a reenactment of the famous Palio della Balestra. On this occasion, Sansepolcro dresses in the colors of Piero della Francesca and, while the trumpets blare and the drums roll, the plaza Torre di Berta is dominated by the festival that for centuries (its origins date back to the beginning of 1400) recalls its past as a free Community, continually called upon to defend itself from the attacks of neighboring lords.

Sansepolcro – Biturgo September

In Sansepolcro in the month of September, colors, music, flavors and traditions meet.
Cultural, artistic and folkloric realities give life to days of festivities in the streets and plazas of the historic center of the Tuscan village, reviving in the city and its guests the spirit of the Renaissance. The first two weeks of September until its end on the second Sunday of September, the city hostsconcerts, historic reenactments and flag games.

Sansepolcro - Mid-Lent Fairs

The Mid-Lent Fair is a historic fair of Sansepolcro held along the streets of the ancient center from Thursday to the Sunday of the fourth week of Lent. The more than 300 booths of exhibitors make the fair a festival that must not be missed and an occasion for purchasing enogastronomic products of the Territory and more.

Anghiari - The hundred flavors of the Apennines

Between October and November, the historic center of Anghiari opens its doors for the autumn event, "The hundred flavors of the Apennines". This is the exhibition and market that Anghiari dedicates to the world of agritourism and enogastronomy to promote the food crop production of the Valtiberina of Tuscany and directed exclusively to the high quality products typical of the region.
Every year, dozens of local businesses participate, setting up their own spaces within the historic center, blending the characteristics of the shops with typical flavors.
In this way, producers are able to promote the fruits of their work with samples and tasting of: farine, oil, wine, cheese, cold cuts, vegetables, honey, mushrooms, truffles, cpreserves, jams and many more.
The exhibition offers an opportunity for meeting and in-depth study among visitors and staff of the work on the varied world of rural tourism and flavors of our lands.

Arezzo - Antique Fair

From 1968 to date, every first Sunday of the month and the previous Saturday the Antique Fairis held in Arezzo, the largest and most ancient antique fair in Italy, winding through the Piazza Grande and the streets of the historic center of the city, welcoming hundreds of exhibitors from all over Italy offering antique furniture, paintings and collectibles and furnishings of various eras.

Arezzo - Saracen Joust

The traditional Saracen Joust is held in the Piazza Grande of Arezzo on the next-to-last Saturday of the month of June and the first Sunday of September.
This is a historic reenactment that attracts thousands of tourists and that places the four "quarters" of the city in competition for the "Golden Lance.”

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