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For a vacation exploring the artistic and cultural treasures of Tuscany, our guests can benefit from the favorable location of our agritourism farm to begin a rich and varied itinerary: museums, churches, and monuments, but also places of great naturalistic value. Tourists will be surprised by the beauty of places reached by brief, simple and safe routes, but at the same time educational, that best illustrate the typical nature of our territory.


Founded in the 10th century, it has dominated the Valtiberina from its beginnings; even today it is possible to admire the great splendor of its strong surrounding walls already visible kilometers away. Remembering Anghiari only for the famous battle between the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, and the Visconti family of Milan, immortalized by Leonardo by Vinci, would be reductive.
The historic importance of the city and the enchanting panorama that visitors see as soon as they travel the route along the wall makes Anghiari a pleasant place for spending a peaceful and enjoyable day among the winding trails of the historic center, admiring balconies covered with flowers that give a touch of color to the city.
Every year Anghiari hosts the "Crafts Market and Exhibition" bringing together master artisans from the high valley of the Tevere.


Caprese Michelangelo takes its name from its illustrious citizen Michelangelo Buonarroti.
The village is located on a rock that dominates the surrounding territory and is famous, besides having given birth to Michelangelo, also for its chestnuts that cover the entire surrounding area and that produce a fruit of exceptional value known all over the world.

The Casa della PodestÓ is the site of the Museo Michelangiolesco (Michelangelo Museum), inside which are offered reproductions of natural greatness of its greatest masterpieces. This museum hosts a gallery where works of contemporary artists are exhibited.


Monterchi is a medieval village with little streets and plazas, surrounded by woods, chestnuts and cultivated fields, and is famous mainly for the fresco of the Madonna del Parto (Our Lady Giving Birth) by Piero della Francesca, preserved inside the city museum.

The many restaurants around the center welcome diners in pleasant and characteristic rooms, promoting the typical local cuisine using yellow polenta, mushrooms, and truffles, all ingredients found in abundance in the surrounding territory.


Arezzo is one of the provincial capitals of the Tuscan region, and is located approximately 30 km from our agritourism farm.
This is a renowned art city surrounded by hills of vineyards and olive groves rising in the center of four valleys rich in history and culture as well as high quality agricultural food products. You must visit the famous Antiques fair held the first Sunday of the month and the previous Saturday in the streets of the historic center.
Arezzo has two main museums: the first is the archeological museum housed in an Olivetan convent rising from a Roman amphitheater, and the second is the rich medieval museum with outstanding work by Piero della Francesca, Giorgio Vasari and Andrea della Robbia , to name only a few. Di notevole importanza ricordiamo la Giostra del Saracino, uOne of great importance and renown is the Saracen Joust, a fascinating Renaissance event held the first Sunday of September in the Piazza Grande of Arezzo where jousting knights challenge each other to win the "Golden Lance."

Valtiberina Tuscany: art and nature

The part of Valtiberina that is located in Tuscany consists of that portion of the territory included among the regions of Romagna, Umbria and Marche. This valley offers various types of vacation, both for those who wish to enjoy the wealth of its natural and environmental heritage, and those who wish to follow the craft, historic, and cultural traditions of the region.

The historic and cultural importance that the Valtiberina has shown over the centuries (the presence of birthplaces of illustrious figures such as Michelangelo and Piero della Francesca), and the local traditions of culture and crafts, have made this area one of the territories of Tuscany most able to provide every type of vacation: excursion, eno-gastronomic, environmental, cultural, religious, and educational.

Events in Tuscany

In this corner of Tuscany are concentrated many centers of historic and cultural interest where events and festivals of every type are organized throughout the year: from little markets dedicated to the crafts and gastronomic traditions of Valtiberina and the Province of Arezzo, to popular fairs and festivals, to open air music concerts in spring and summer.

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